Bringing the World to Your Door!

This sign was very exciting to work with. After the sign had been up for a week or so this is the testimony we received:

"We had to turn off the sign , Too many orders"

Mr and Mrs Jim Hodge owner Sports Hall


Ron and Bobbi Nevils, the owners of Hickory House say:

"We love our sign"  "We have no regrets"  "We can post important messages easily."


Bryan Kiefer, the owner of Jones Drug Store says:

"People comment on our sign all the time. Sign has helped our business!, Love It! No regrets buying it."



"Our sign is magnificent. People have been turning in and looking at it. It's the best sign you guys have ever put up. Thank You"

Pastor Fred Wright , Christ Family Christian Church, Blytheville Ar.


After the first weekend Pastor Wright also commented:

"We had 15 visitors the first Sunday who said they were there because they  saw our new sign"